Nutrition Counseling

What to Expect

Nutrition counseling is a one-on-one supportive process that covers a variety of issues such as medical nutrition therapy, food sensitivities and allergies, gut health, disease prevention, performance/sports nutrition, developing a foundation for healthy eating, or simply used to get a professional evaluation of your current eating habits.

At your first appointment, we’ll go through a detailed nutrition & diet history, weight & medical history, and your previous experiences with food. The majority of the session is dedicated to gathering the information I need to fully comprehend your current dietary issues, establish why they exist and how I can effectively work with you to resolve them. Based on your evaluation, we’ll come up with a nutrition plan together based on your goals that you hope to achieve.

In follow-up sessions, we will talk through what has occurred since our last session, including any medical updates, nutrition wins or challenges since our last session, any significant life changes or stressors, and any questions you might have about nutrition. We review any challenges that may have come up and find ways together to tackle those challenges head-on. Nutrition goals are also reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis so we have a clear vision of what we are working towards.

Most clients start out seeing me once per week or even every two weeks, but as progress is made we may be able to increase our time between sessions and meet once per month.

It’s important to understand that nutrition therapy is not a short-term commitment. I am committed to helping you uncover your challenges and work alongside you to move forward with a new lifestyle. Similar to strength and conditioning or even mental health counseling, it takes self-motivation, dedication, and a winning mindset to improve your health and lifestyle.

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