The MRT + LEAP program changed my life!

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Testimonials

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I am a registered dietitian and was interested in working with Lindsey because she could provide the LEAP MRT test. When I had the test performed and got my plan from Lindsey, I immediately got excited about the journey. She was very thorough in her approach to defining what foods would be included in the various phases of the LEAP plan and she encouraged me along by helping brainstorm ideas for what to cook and what to eat for different meals. After the first two weeks, I started to notice the absence of brain fog. In the coming weeks, after being very diligent about following my list, I started to notice an increase in energy. I found myself working around my house, inside and out, until it was time to go to bed instead of spending 1-3 hours in front of the TV after dinner. A couple of surprising perks of following Lindsey’s LEAP plan was better bladder control and increased lung capacity. This changed my life! I was able to start jogging again because of these two amazing improvements! I will be recommending this test to everyone!

— E. Williams 

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