With MRT + LEAP, I learned my inflammatory responses to foods were causing symptoms

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Testimonials

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I suddenly developed an attack of neuropathy a year ago. Lots of stabbing needle-like pains and burning throughout my limbs, but especially concentrated in my hands and feet. It was mystifying but after a while I realized it was mostly in response to foods. I decided to seek out a food sensitivity test to try to ease my pain. I found my way to Lindsey Remmers and arranged the testing with her. 

The MRT results readily showed what foods and substances inflamed my nerves. The results were spot on in pinpointing what aggravated my symptoms. Lindsey’s nuanced interpretation of the results gave me understandings of them that I would not have had otherwise. The adjustments to my diet were substantial but the relief from pain has been worth it. I can feel mostly normal now so long as I follow the diet. And I seem to be slowly improving over time. I am thrilled that I am able to live my life mostly unimpaired. Not sure where I’d be if I had not gotten the MRT test! 

Lindsey was so informative and helpful to work with. I am really grateful for her aid with my problem. I also think that knowing one’s inflammatory response to foods would be useful knowledge to everyone in order to reduce damage to their body over a lifetime. I have arranged an MRT test for each of my kids for just that reason—to give them information I now wish I’d had years ago. 

— Sarah Newman 

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